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Advanced Industrial Design and a highly efficient Data Processing System come together to give you Outstanding Printing Speed, Precision on a reliable and stable machine. The Cost-Effective features enhance ROI and generate better profits and returns.

Applications Fab Pro I+

Fab Pro I plus creates new standards in direct to fabric printing. It is useful for printing various kinds of designs on fabrics with varied types of finishes and textures.

  • Sportswear & Apparel
  • Fashion
  • Gifts & Merchandising
  • Interior Decoration
  • Sport Accessories
  • Soft Signage


Upto 180 Linear Meter/Hr


Accurate printing

Variable Ink Droplet Technology gives more Accurate Control of Ink Droplet Size.

Monitored negative pressure system

Automatic Negative Pressure System Management - Pressure Adjusted and Monitored Constantly.

Printhead anti-scratch system

An intelligent printhead protection system minimizes accidental damage to printheads by the fabric and prolongs use.

Durable and stable ink supply system

Diaphragm Pump Ink Supply System has proven to be more durable and stable, making it the best choice for Ink Supply.

Industrial grade output

Self Developed Hardware and Software Systems, with high-quality mechanical designs, achieve capacities as high as 70 Lm/hr.

Large flow, high-speed degassing device

Continuous printing is assured by in-time removal of air bubbles in the ink.

Pure colour

Get Pure Colours and Smooth Output with Kyocera Print Heads.

Smart operation interface

The intelligent operation interface works on a one-operator multi-machine management system. The orders can be automatically stored, one-button adjusted, and retrieved at any time.

Continuous unwinding/rewinding control technology with adjustable tension

The winding speed can be automatically adjusted with stepping width, to ensure stepping precision.

Cleaning and moisturizing systems

The design of these systems reduces wear and tear of the printheads, extends use, and maintains the stable operations of the machines.

Technical Specifications


Model Fab Pro I+
Print head Water-based Ricoh print head
Ink supply system Automatic
Ink tank volume 1O L
Print head Qty 16 head (Dual Channel)
Ink type Reactive
Color mode 4 x 8 colours
RIP software Neostampa
Printing mode Pass : • 2pass • 3pass
Resolution : • 604x600 dpi • 604x600 dpi
Capacity : • 180 lm/Hr • 140 1m/Hr
Media information Max printing width: 3200mm & 1800mm
Max blanket width: 3220mm & 1820mm
Material weight: 30-450 g/m2
Max roll weight:100Kg
Media type Cotton, linen, silk, nylon, polyester, blended, etc.
Media conveying Continuous belt-conveying, auto constant tension feeding & talking up, fabric spreading, tension-free entry unit
Drying IR dryer
Compressed water supply 0.6 Mpa | 1m3/Hr
Compressed air supply 0.6 M pa 3.5m3/hr (dry, no oil or water)
Power supply printer 6 kw 16mmsq 4 core cable (Three Phase)
Belt heater 6 kw 16mmsq 4 core cable (Three Phase)
Dryer 35 kw 16mmsq 4 core cable (Three Phase)
Power cable requirements Printer: 5 x 6mm2
Dryer: 5 x 16mm2
Working environment Relative humidity: 55%-65% (no condesing)
Temperature: 20 C - 26 C (68 F-77 F)
Dimension (L/w/H) Printer: 15 x 7.8 x 7.21Feet
Dryer: 7.8 x 7.5 x 4.85 Feet
Weight Printer: 3000 kg
Dryer: 1000 kg
installation site size
21 x 14.1 x 8.2 Feet

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