About Us

The Company

Just as we believe its important for us to know who you are and how you approach your business, we believe its important for you to know who we are and how we approach our business. In this document we introduce our PRODUCTS, PEOPLE, PHILOSOPHY and CAPABILITIES that make our company unique and help us serve you better. Kindly spare some time to find out what we are all about, it will certainly increase your confidence in us.

Who we are

We are Orange O Tec PVT LTD. - A Surat based leading digital solutions provider with digital and auxiliary machinery for various types of industries. Augmenting the global expertise of the digital era, we provide all kind of digital solutions that can help industries keep pace with the increasing automation. We provide experts providing specialized services and machinery to our valued customers most efficiently and reliably.

Our Vision

We aim to transform the industry with automation-oriented digital technologies and create a better future for all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the market leaders in the segment of Digital Printing Solutions nationally as well as transforming every small and medium printing enterprise to go digital in their business operations.

Milestones Achieved

Growth Plans

Orange O Tec Pvt Ltd enjoys STRONG LEADERSHIP in the city of Surat, the textile hub of India. Now we are planning to further strengthen our footprints in the city, covering other businesses and providing DIGITAL MARKETING services and VARIOUS CATEGORIES OF MACHINERY to them. After acquiring coverage in the city we AIM TO EXPAND OUR HORIZONS TO THE NEIGHBORING CITIES by providing the same services and machinery for their business growth and operations. In the long term, the company plans to focus energy towards SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGIES and providing 3D DIGITAL PRINTING SOLUTIONS to world where customers / end users can print a product.


Orange is committed towards CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT OF SOCIETY. Giving back to society is the duty of a responsible citizen. We want to be a helping hand towards the WELFARE OF SOCIETY. We believe that one can make a difference only by serving people. Orange takes the legacy of social responsibility forward through initiatives in HEALTH, EDUCATION, LIVELIHOOD, DISASTER RELIEF AND ENVIRONMENT. Our CSR initiatives are directed towards:

  • DONATING ESSENTIAL ITEMS to kids and needy ones. - Donated shoes to 1500 kids of govt school in 2020
  • SUPPORTING THE CAUSE OF GOOD HEALTH by organising Marathon and other such activities.

Life at Orange

Every day we aim towards building a better and technologically superior future. Our proactive culture provides you with the opportunity to make a real difference. Our career possibilities are limitless and dynamic and the only person who decides how far you will go, is you.