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Best Digital Textile Printer & Digital Fabric Printing Machines

Direct Textile Printers

Digital Textile Printers are heralding a revolution in the world of textile printing. Offering several advantages over the conventional methods, these machines helps business stay profitable in the competitive markets.

To offer our clients the finest digital textile printers, we have joined hands with the best companies in the world.

• MS  • Colorix

colorix sublimation printers

Sublimation Printers

Sublimation Printers open up myriad avenues for creative printing processes. They provide perfect solutions to achieve eye-catching printing on various types of media.

We offer finest Sub Pro Sublimation Printers of help businesses surpass their customers' expectations.

Transmatic calender machine

Calender Machine

High production (2,5 mt/min – 2,7 yd/min) rotary printer machine for transfer printing in SUBLIMATION KNITTED, SYNTHETIC FABRICS, AND NON-CLOTH FABRIC SUCH AS POLYESTER, NYLON, ACRYLIC. In the case of printing directly onto polyester cloth by means of digital printers, the calander may be used to fix the colour pigments perfectly and at low cost.


Twine - TS-1800

Twine is “changing the game” of the traditional, resource-intensive, thousand-year-old dyeing process. Twines technology & Solution presents a waterless, sustainable thread-dyeing system, which can increase speed to market, streamline your inventory management while enabling an unlimited color palette.

digital printing ink


Orange O Tec provides REACTIVE, SUBLIMATION, PIGMENT and UV INK that best fits the customers application and printer, giving them MAXIMUM ADHESION AND PRECISION.

The company has collaborated with with the best in the industry like FLOTEC, KIAAN, HUNTSMAN, PAPIJET and SOLUNARIS for providing best Ink in the industry.

The company does a remarkable business of Avg. 400 TONS PER YEAR.

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