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LaRIO, the FIRST SINGLE-PASS DIGITAL MACHINE IN THE WORLD debut in 2010, changing the paradigm of digital textile printing. LaRIO is unique. It challenges the world of rotary-printing machines by reaching a PRODUCTION SPEED OF 120 M/MIN. LaRIO is the choice for those who process large volumes and need high speed and quality. LaRIO is the option for those producing for the Fashion System, be it Fast or Slow Fashion, which requires short load production times.


Lario is useful in printing on almost all kinds of media and material. With its amazing speed, it simply changes the game of digital printing.

3D materials
and promotional

Blinds & Fabrics for furniture
Home Textile


2500 m/h



LaRIO reaches its maximum efficiency in all the configurations, meeting Fashion time-to-market requests. No others digital printing technologies today available on the market can get you the same results


LaRIO accuracy and reliability are proven by the 30 machines installed worldwide*. An outstanding result which appointed LaRIO as the most recognized and trusted single-pass in the market.


With LaRIO, drawing or colorway change is easy and fast, avoiding the waste of paper, fabric and ink to speed up the production process. Elements that ensure the higher production capacity as well as the Return On Investments (ROI).

Non-Stop Winder

The non-stop jumbo-roll winder collects the folded-fabric ensuring no machine downtime for roll changing, enhancing times and costs, especially in 24/7 cycles.

Technical Specifications

Printing Technology Scanning
Printing Width 1800 - 3200
Max Nr° of colors up to 12
Nr° of Print Heads according to configuration
Max speed 2500 m/h
Printing Resolution (dpi) 600x600
Print Head Native Resolution (dpi) 600
Gray Levels 16
Drop Size from 4 to 72pl
Inks System open
Software System open

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Sustainable Technology

Developing sustainable technologies is our responsibility towards future generations. Thus, we have adhered to the “Sustainable Technologies” project sponsored by ACIMIT; its aim is to promote printing equipment which make smart use of: energy, chemicals and water resources. Project members undertake to: sign the project regulation; undergo the screening tests led by an authority for achieving the Green Label; apply “Supplier of Sustainable Technologies” logo to all the machines which have been awarded a Green Label.

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Quality and reliability are a matter of details

Same Print Result (SPR) concept is at the core of our conviction and characterizes the entire range of MS products. For us it would be inconceivable to approach a new digital industrial printing technology without being able to multiply the productions in the future.

But it would be even more inconceivable to multiply the productions having to change the existing color-charts, without get the same chromatic printing results due to the use of different printing.

SPR means being able to choose any MS machine with the confidence that it can reproduce the same coloristic results, using the same printing conditions

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