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Twine’s TS-1800 is a fully waterless, digital thread and yarn dyeing machine that suits a wide range of applications. With the TS-1800, you can expertly dye your own thread and yarn, which frees you from the limitations of today’s traditional supply chain and helps you create a more sustainable future.


1,800 meters of thread/yarn per hour


From apparel to shoes, knitting, sewing and embroidery, our digital dyeing technology easily adapts to the quantity you need - from product development to batch runs.




Can be installed in any type of production environment — even in your designer sample room
Intuitive operation, engineered for operators of all levels — no prior knowledge of ink dyeing required
Suitable for short runs (for example, during product development and testing)
Industry 4.0 and Textile 4.0 compliant


Simple operating system and touch screen control

With its super simple operating system software, and industrial-grade touch screen and control panel, the TS-1800 is ready for a dye run with just a few clicks.

Smart job management and improved productivity

The system can dye even when the operator is defining new jobs. Each job that is created is automatically saved in the system’s archive and can be loaded at any time.

Digital color selection

Literally thousands of colors to choose from using the TS-1800’s digital interface. You can also create your own unique colors by selecting RGB or LAB values.

Automatic feed and tension control

The TS-1800 is equipped with an automatic feed and tension control system. The operator does not need to learn how to control the tension or manage complicated thread or yarn handling.

Integrated winder

The TS-1800’s winder unit winds the thread or yarn onto a standard king spool. When a spool is completed, it can easily be removed from the thread dyeing machine and mounted on any type of industrial or commercial sewing, knitting or embroidery machine.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions HxWxD – 1.45m x 2m x 0.75m, weight 480kg
Description Digital thread dyeing system
Dye Technology Digital Selective Treatment (DST™)
Ink Twine Digital Ink (TDI™)
Thread/Yarn Certification OEKO-TEX 100 Product (class 1), Intertek
Machine Certification CE, UL
Thread Fiber Type Polyester
Thread Family Spun, filament
Thread Condition New, recycled
Pre- & Post-Treatment Integrated
Thread Loading System Automatic
Thread Winding System Integrated
Operator Interface Industrial-grade touch screen
Network LAN, Wi-Fi
Remote Support Secured connection
Supported File Formats *.twn, *.pes, *.dst, *.xls
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