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Industrial high-speed conveying-belt direct-to-textile digital printer with Outstanding printing speed and precision, excellent reliability and stability. Equipped with Advanced industrial design, high-efficiency data processing technology, it is a cost-effective machine that brings customers more profit and return


Fab Pro II creates new standards in direct to fabric printing. It is useful for printing various kinds of designs on fabrics with varied types of finishes and textures.

Sportswear & Apparel
Gifts & Merchandising

Interior Decoration
Sport Accessories
Soft Signage


Upto 583 Linear Meter/Hr



Big carriage size provides enough space for the technician to work on head alignment system thereby reducing the error that occurs in printing due to mis-alignment of heads, making it convenient for maintenance of carriage and to find faults in electronics and faults in ink pipes for inlet and outlet of heads.


Accelerating + De-accelerating motion of carriage allows smoother motion of carriage which reduces the misprints at border of the images. It reduces the probability of breakdown due to less wear and tear of the parts in motion due to reduced vibrations.


Mounted Centering Device on the feeding side of machine provides more precision in controlling the left right motion of fabric providing higher tension to the fabric movement.


Air Blade device helps to completely remove small size droplets and the moisture from the blanket surface enabling the fabric to get properly stick to the glued blanket for precise printing.


Washing unit consisting of 2 squeezing units and 2 water absorbing sponge along with a brush roll equipped with motor provides efficient cleaning of the ink from blanket providing best printing result.

Technical Specifications

Model FabPro III
Print head Water-based Kyocera print head
Ink supply system Automatic
Ink tank volume 15 L
Print head Qty 8-32 pcs
Ink type Reactive : cyan,magenta,yellow,black,orange,blue,red,gray
Acid : cyan,magenta,yellow,black,orange,blue,gray,light magenta,fluorescence red,fluorescence yellow
Sublimation : Cyan, magenta,yellow,black, blue, orange, fluorescence red, fluorescence yellow
Color mode 4 x 6 colors, 4 x 8 colors
RIP software Caldera, Neostampa, Texprint
Printing mode Pass : • 1pass • 2pass • 3pass • 4pass
Resolution : • 600 x 600 dpi • 600 x 1200 dpi • 600 x 1800 dpi • 600 x 2400 dpi
Capacity : • 5501m/hr • 350 Im/hr • 2501m/hr • 1901m/hr
Media information • Max printing width: 1900 mm
• Max media width: 1920 mm
• Material weight: 30-450 g/rri
• Max roll weight:100 Kg
Max roll diameter Standard: 000 mm I Jumbo roller: (D1600 mm (optional)
Media type Cotton, linen, silk, nylon, polyester, blended, elastic fabrics, etc
Media conveying Continuous belt-conveying, auto constant tension feeding&taking up, fabric spreading, tension-free entry unit
Drying Belt+hot air+1R
Waste gas treatment Heated air circulation, Adjustable exhaust gas forcing system (exhaust gas optional)
Compressed water supply 0.6 M pa I 1 m3/hr
Compressed airsupply 0.6 M pa 3.5m3/hr (dry, no oil or water)
Power supply printer AC380V ± 10% three-phase five-wire system 42A (23.5 KW) 50Hz/60Hz
Dryer AC380V ± 10% three-phase five-wire system 77A (43 KW) 50hz/60hz
Power cable requirements Printer: 5 x 6mm2 | Dryer: 5 x 16mm2
Working environment Relative humidity: 45%-70% (no condensing)
Temperature20°C-28°C (68°F-77°F)
Dimension (L/w/H) Printer : 4400 mm x 6090 mm x 2250 mm
Dryer : 5250 mm x 3630 mm x 2900 mm
Weight Printer:7000 Kg
Dryer:3585 kg
installation site size
13000 mm x 8000 mm x 3100 mm

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