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Pengda Technology is a multifunctional machine for Heat transfer or digital print transfer. It does both pieces and rolls that as well with minimal operators and high consistency. It is convenient with pre-cut pieces as well. This technology allows us to present you with an overall solution for all your digital printing needs.


600mm : 120-180m/hour  |  800mm : 180-300m/hour  |  1000mm : 240-600m/hour


Touch Panel to Set Timer to Start & Off the Machine
See Real Time Speed
Checkout Actual Paper Transfer Time
Speed 3000 to upto 15000 Meter Per Day

Technical Specifications

Model PD-1700XD-600 PD-1700XD-800 PD-1700XD-1000
Power Configuration Three Phase Four Wire 440V Three Phase Four Wire 440V Three Phase Four Wire 440V
Average Power Consumption 30KW 37KW 50KW
Voltage 42KW 52KW 71KW
Heating Oil Heating Oil Heating Oil Heating
Drum Diameter 600mm 800mm 1000mm
Printing Width 1600mm 1600mm 1600mm
Net Weight 2300KG 3100KG 4500KG
Machine Size 2750mm(Length) 1450mm(Width) 1750mm (Height) 2750mm(Length) 1550mm(Width) 2000mm (Height) 2750mm(Length) 1750mm(Width) 2250mm (Height)

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