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The versatile Oval based Adelco Matrix screen printer provides more stability than carousel equivalent machines when using larger print areas and greater no. of stations , particularly when requiring more than 16 stations/pallets


Modular and expandable
Precision in motion
High Production
Strong and stable structure
Smooth and quiet operation
Wide range of Flash Cure options
Fast loading times - Print Speed over 1000 per hour


Modular design offering flexibility
Servo driven index
Fast, smooth & quiet chainless rail system
Sealed print arms
Servo driven print heads
Quick release horizontal pneumatic screen clamping
Large bore squeegee cylinders
Quick-fit squeegee & Floodblades
Front & rear tool-free micro adjustment
Easy tool-free front & rear off contact adjustment
Advanced PLC control system & HMI interface
High density print mode
Auto lift print heads
Increased space between pallets
Rigid pallet arms
High grade solid aluminium quick-release pallets

Technical Specifications

Electrical requirements ≤ 28 stations 1 phase 220v (2kw + 750w per print head)
Electrical requirements > 28 stations 1 phase 220v (4kw + 750w per print head)
Air supply pressure 100psi / 7bar
Air supply CFM (per print head) 3 CFM
Image area (small) 45cm x 60cm (18" x 24")
Image area (medium) 50cm x 70cm (20" x 28")
Image area (large) 60cm x 80cm (23.5" x 31.5")
Maximum frame size (small) 64cm x 100cm (25" x 39")
Maximum frame size (medium) 69cm x 110cm (27" x 43")
Maximum frame size (large) 79cm x 120cm (31" x 47")
Maximum machine width (small) 363cm (143")
Maximum machine width (medium) 398cm (157")
Maximum machine width (large) 418cm (165")
Machine length Depends on format
Maximum stations 66 stations

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